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About HTSG
HTSG's corporate office is located in Tallahassee Florida USA. HTSG offers its training, security consulting and VIP/Dignitary protective services primarily in the Southeastern United States, the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico, but is capable of conducting business across the globe.

In the post 9/11 world, a wide variety of our critical infrastructure has had the opportunity to prepare and strengthen themselves against terrorist attacks through our government funding. However, the private sector often times lacks the expertise necessary to properly assess and secure their most valuable assets. In many cases American businesses are still trying to catch up with current security trends and governmental SOP’s. HTSG strives to fill this void offering superior security solutions for any of your corporate or private security needs.

HTSG can offer a perspective to your security solution that many other companies simply overlook or frankly cannot provide. HTSG reaches its security solutions from experienced military and law enforcement special operations backgrounds, and utilizes professionals with decades of expertise in many different subcategories of asset and personal security. HTSG builds a law enforcement perspective into every security solution so you can reassure yourself in the legal soundness of the product.

We pride ourselves on being flexible, customizable and modular with our security solutions in order to meet the ever changing needs of our clients.

The HTSG Logo
The Rook, is easily recognizable as a chess piece and immediately initiates mental imagery of a game of strategy. HTSG considers true security being much more than merely having a good strategy. The Rook also stands as a fortification or a “Hard Target”. History has shown that virtually any fortification can be compromised if its adversary is determined, focused, skilled, and willing to die in the process of gaining success. HTSG appreciates the reality that there is no 100% guaranteed security solution. Furthermore, we know the criminal mind is in large part opportunistic. By making yourself a “Hard Target” you will likely remove the opportunity from the criminal predator you are faced with which in turn will motivate that predator to move on to a different or softer target. Lastly, the HTSG Logo graphically depicts four building blocks one stacked on top of the other. This is indicative of our approach to training. You must start with a solid foundation then like building blocks build upon that foundation with intermediate and advanced training course work. HTSG believes that training should mirror reality and the training should at some point strive for stress inoculation in the individual being trained.

Jason Knowles
Founder and President of Hard Target Security Group, Ltd Co.

Jason started his career in the security field working for Federated Allied Department Stores as a plain clothes loss prevention officer for Macy’s department store. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the Florida State University school of Criminology with a minor concentration in human behavior, law enforcement, and corrections. Jason is a former U.S. Marine Corps M1A1 Abrams Tank Commander and Primary Marksmanship Instructor. In 1995 he began instructing lessons in the use of small arms and marksmanship. In 1999 he was awarded a Navy Achievement medal for his performance as a Tank Commander winning the position of Top Tank for the 8th Tank Battalion, and competing in the Marine Corps wide tank gunnery competition.

Jason currently has over 15 years of sworn law enforcement experience in both the municipal and state law enforcement arenas. Over 10 years of SWAT experience serving on two separate teams with experience in both Entry and Sniper tactics. In 2001, he was asked to compete in an International SWAT Competition as both a Sniper and Entry Operator. In 2003, quickly after becoming a Special Agent with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, he became an Entry operator and was appointed to the Special Operations Team Training Coordinator position, where he took the lead role as the team's primary trainer. In 2004 Jason was asked to be the Assistant Special Operations Team Leader and Sniper Team Leader where he remained in that capacity until 2011. During that time Jason has worked on several dignitary protection details providing protection for individuals such as Governor Jeb Bush, Governor Charlie Crist and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He has served countless high risk search warrants, fugitive apprehensions, drug busts and stakeouts. He is presently the Florida Department of Law Enforcement's Chief Instructor for all High Liability topics and serves as FDLE's Department Armorer.

Jason is certified by the Florida Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission (CJSTC) as a Defensive Tactics Instructor, Firearms Instructor, and Law Enforcement General Topics Instructor.

He has served on several curriculum development committees, and has testified as a subject matter expert in the Use of Force for the Grand Jury.

Jason continues to serve as an Instructor and Regional Representative for the Florida SWAT Association. He is an active member of the International Law Enforcement Educators & Trainers Association (ILEETA), an active member of the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (IALEFI), and is a long standing National Rifleman’s Association (NRA) certified firearms Instructor.


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